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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • I opened an account at J.C. Penney and received a phone call from you to verify this action while I was still in the store..

    Thank you for responding so quickly! This gives me confidence regarding your care of my accounts, Thank you for your prompt attention. Read more »

    By suzanne4300 , on 2019-10-05  22:42:16

  • Happy

    I am so happy that LifeLock has my back! Read more »

    By Pat Webber , on 2019-10-04  21:44:49

  • Review of LifeLock

    LifeLock is great, as soon as I apply for credit, they contact me immediately. I couldn't ask for better, I feel safe with them watching my back! Read more »

    By Luvs2Shop , on 2019-10-01  03:37:39

  • Everyone should have some piece of mind with Lifelock

    We have had LifeLock at least 10 yrs. They have Neverfailed to alert us to any new credit card opening..and once of a person using our CC number to buy shoes up north. I feel very confident with Lifelock and I do tell people they need to have it! They... Read more »

    By J clemens , on 2019-09-25  02:16:35

  • My great LifeLock review

    VERY appreciative of LifeLock's covering my butt! They were right there to ask me if it was me and fortunately it was. Thanks guys!! Read more »

    By Patrick Clark , on 2019-09-10  16:46:37

  • Good going and quick response

    Thank you. I did not even think about my LifeLock account when I opened the new charge account on the spur of the moment. Good catch. Bob Relli Read more »

    By Bob Relli , on 2019-09-08  17:48:18

  • Thanks!

    We don't often make a large purchase but when we did LifeLock alerted us right away about a possible problem. There was no problem but the quick response is reassuring! Read more »

    By rhaines , on 2019-09-06  00:23:56

  • Quick Alert

    I like the quick alert you sent when I opened a new account Read more »

    By Charles Tinker , on 2019-08-29  17:31:26

  • Great service

    Impressive that I received same-day notification from Lifelock about a credit application I submitted. Lifelock wanted to make sure that I was actually the one who had applied. When I confirmed that it was, Lifelock closed the matter. But very reas... Read more »

    By Bob , on 2019-08-28  22:40:37

  • My great life lock review

    You’re always protecting my account and I know I’m in safe hands. Read more »

    By Pam Raymond , on 2019-08-28  15:59:39

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.

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