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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • My great LifeLock review

    I have had excellent service with LifeLock! I want to stay with them because they really care about you and your credit and keep up on the latest information available to them to help us, their trusting customers Read more »

    By Brenda P , on 2019-12-06  00:24:29

  • Not sure what you mean

    Because I was called about someone use to try to sign up for a credit card it was me thanks so much Read more »

    By Judy brown , on 2019-11-30  16:02:54

  • LifeLock's the best

    They are always on the ball for watching out for me and mine. A great company to have on your side. Read more »

    By mike heath , on 2019-11-25  17:01:42

  • great service to have

    thank you for being on the look out if something should happen Read more »

    By karen ospalski , on 2019-11-24  02:07:20

  • Lifelock is the greatest!

    I have always been impressed by how quickly members are notified about hackings & how helpful , friendly & efficient the staff is. Today I was truly amazed that less than 1 minute! after I completed a transaction which required giving personal inform... Read more »

    By Sonja Leraas , on 2019-11-16  02:11:00

  • Speed of Service

    I was at my local cable company and checking out my options for using their phone service. They needed my SS# to check something on their end. I said that was no problem as I am a LifeLock member. It seemed like not even a minute had gone by and I ... Read more »

    By Mark Harvey , on 2019-11-14  20:23:09

  • great service

    great experience, very impressed Read more »

    By rmb , on 2019-11-08  22:58:06

  • This service is worth the money!!!!!!!!!

    I opened a card myself, and, in less than five minutes, I received my alert. This company is on top of their game. I highly recommend LifeLock!!! Read more »

    By Colt K , on 2019-11-08  02:13:48

  • Thanks

    Thanks for looking out for me Read more »

    By Debra Wallace , on 2019-11-01  20:18:27

  • my Great Lifelock Review

    i am looking for a loan i need you to stop stopping them from going in my account with bank of America Read more »

    By Loretta Delong , on 2019-10-23  22:38:45

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.

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